Mania Gym is a Women's Sportfighting Club that welcomes women of all ages and fitness levels looking to improve their skills and fitness, and learn to fight in a friendly, fun environment.

Our fighting style is a contemporary mix influenced by Aikido, Judo, Jiu Jitsu, grappling, wrestling and kicking + punching. we are a fight club that encourages lifelong skills in mixed martial arts sports and self defense.

Your first trial with us is free and no contract is required, so contact us now to see what women's sportfighting is all about!

Our Head Trainers

John Brotchie, has had 45 years’ experience in teaching grappling/martial arts and holds an IMAF Blackbelt (Japan).

Malayna Kingsley-Smith specialises in sport fighting and practical self-defence.

Other trainers are senior women fighters from within Mania.

Our Classes and Prices


We are open for classes every week by appointment. Classes run every half hour and just need to be booked in advance to ensure we have the right trainer for you. We offer one-on-one, small and large groups as well as fight nights so you can train with other girls of similar skill to you. 


Our membership fees start from $20 - $25 per week which gives you access to unlimited classes. 

We know this year has been hard on us all. Contact us if you want to train but cannot afford the above prices.